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Hi to all openMosix/openMosixview/Mosix/Mosixview user, testers and newbies.

I want to use this page to say thanks to all the nice people i met while developing openMosixview+Mosixview.
The first thanks is for the very busy and good working openMosix-crew, in particular Moshe Bar
and all other developers and contributors of the wonderfull openMosix-clustering sofware/kernel.
The second thanks is for my wife which gives me the time for developing.
All openMosixview/Mosixview users should say thanks to her too :)

Also thanks to Prof. Amnon Barak for his Mosix-Project.

Then there are the lot of testers who reported bugs, wanted changes or features
and comments to me. They all helped me a lot going on with openMosixview/Mosixview.

Here comes a list of "smart guys" :
Viral, Thomas A Webb, Rick Munday, Gabriele Paciucci, Lee Tomson, Richard Cochius,
Mark Weinstein, Maurizio Davini, Brad T., Daniel Winkelmann, Ge'raud Guibert,
Olivier Lahaye, Roberto Vidmar, Jim Hatridge,Stefan Neumann, Dean Johnson,
Stephen Koert, Gilad, Amit, Kris Buytaert, Bruce Knox, Martin Hoy, Sean, Muli,
Louis Zechter, Jeremy Weatherford .....
Special thanks to Johnny Cache (the author of the 3dmosmon), Ramon Pons Vivanco
(the author of openMosixWebView), miKeL a.k.a.mc2 for the translation of the
openMosix+openMosixview documentation to spanish and Hubert Chan for contributing
some usefull patches to openMosixview.

... and many more. Sorry if i forgot someone.

Contributions to the openMosixview project/Usefull links:

Some usefull patches for openMosixview-1.5 from Hubert Chan
(accepted for the next release)

ClusterKnoppix, modified Knoppix distro using the OpenMosix kernel

Quantian, the Quantian Scientific Computing Environment




Sentinix, (monitoring, intrusion detection, penetration testing, auditing, statistics/graphing and anti-spam)

BCCD, Bootable Cluster CD

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