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  • I cannot compile openMosixview on my system?

  • At first QT >= 2.3.x is required.
    The QTDIR -environent variable has to be set to your QT-installation
    directories like it is well described in the INSTALL- file.
    In versions < 0.6 you can do a "make clean" and delete the two files:
    and try to compile again because i alway left the binary-
    and object-files in older versions.
    If you have any other problems post them to the
    openMosixview-mailinglist (or directly to me).
  • Can I use openMosixview with SSH?

  • Yes, until version 0.7 there is a built-in SSH-support.
    You have to be able to ssh to each node in your cluster without password
    (just like the same with using RSH this is required)
  • I started openMosixview but only the splash-screen appears. What is wrong?

  • Do not fork openMosixview in the background with & (e.g. openMosixview &).
    Maybe you cannot rsh/ssh (depends on what you want to use) as user root
    without password to each node?
    Try "rsh hostname" as root. You should not been promped for a password
    but soon get a login shell.
    (If you use SSH try "ssh hostname" as root.)
    You have to be root on the cluster because that is the only way the
    administrative commands executed by openMosixview requires root-privileges.
    openMosixview uses "rsh" as the default!
    If you only have "ssh" installed on your cluster
    edit (or create) the file /root/.openMosixview and put "1111" in it.
    This is the main-configuration
    file for openMosixview and the last "1" stands for "use ssh instead of rsh".
    This will cause openMosixview to use "ssh" even for the first start.
  • The openMosixviewprocs/mosixview_client is not working for me!

  • The openMosixview-client is executed per rsh
    (or ssh which you can configer whith a checkbox)
    on the remote host. It has to be installed in /usr/bin/ on each node.
    If you use RSH try:
    "xhost +hostname"
    "rsh hostname /usr/bin/openMosixview_client -display your_local_host_name:0.0"
    or if you use SSH try:
    "xhost +hostname"
    "ssh hostname /usr/bin/openMosixview_client -display your_local_host_name:0.0"
    If this works it will work in openMosixview too.
  • openMosixview crashes with "segmantation fault"!

  • Maybe you still use an old version of openMosixview/Mosixview ?
    in the (which is completly removed in openMosixview !!)
    (the versions openMosixview 1.2 and Mosixview > 1.0 are stable)
  • Why are the buttons in the openMosixview-configuration dialog not preselected?
    (automigration on/off, blocking on/off......)

  • I want them to be preselected too.
    The problem is to get the information of node.
    You have to login to each cluster-node because these information
    are not cluster-wide (to my mind).
    The status of each node is stored in the /proc/hpc/admin directory
    of each node. Everybody who knows a good way to get these information
    easy is invited to mail me.

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