the openMosixblaster

a game for openMosix-cluster

by Matt Rechenburg


original game


The openMosixblaster is a "shoot+migrate" game for your openMosix cluster.
..... yes, you read it allright ;) It is a game for "funny-administration".
I got this idea by thinking about new ways of administration interfaces ....
.......... and playing ps-doom.

Just another "stupid" idea from Matt ;) I hope you enjoy this one.

It is created by tweaking the orignal "perlblaster" from "David's Perl Games" collection.
( )
Many thanks to David for this nice little console game.
I adjusted the sources a bit and added a few openMosix related
functions and now you can "play" as the administrator of an openMosix cluster.

The game is quite simple.
Random processes are falling down and you have to shoot them to
migrate them to a random node in your cluster.
(especially nice to watch using the openMosixmigmon)

You can move your "base-ship" by using y (left) and x (right).
The "fire" button is the "-".

multiplayer: Yes, openMosixblaster can be played as a Multiplayer game !
e.g. just start 3-5 seti-processes on each node in your openMosix
cluster and let player sit on each sysetem. Then they all starting
the openMosixblaster and trying to "shoot" local processes to
the remote nodes to gain their computing power ;)
The openMosixblaster always try to migrate processes to a remote
node and avoid migration to the local system.

If the processes are dropping to fast (or to slow) please adjust
the $globaldelay variable in the file to
your needs.


The openMosixblaster is a simple perl-script which runs in
a terminal window. So you just have to have perl on your
system and install the required perl-modules :
which are included in the openMosixblaster.tar.gz package.
(be sure to install them first)

Then just execute as root:
        ./ -c         (for colored openMosixblaster)
(you have to be root to have the permissions to migrate processes in your cluster)


the openMosixblaster


download the openMosixblaster here

original game

You can find the original "perlblaster" game at:
it was created by David Slimp and i want to say thanks to him for his nice console-games collection.
btw: it is also included unchanged in the openMosixblaster package.


All code and applicatons here are without guarantee.
Use this openMosixblaster at your own risk and feel free to contribute your own ideas. The Author of this software is not responsible for any mistakes and their consequences while using this software on your system.

Matt Rechenburg (