the openMosix-loadmeter

an analog measuring device for openMosix-cluster

built by Matt


the openMosix loadmeter
purpose of this project

the openMosix loadmeter

The openMosix loadmeter is an external, analog measuring device which shows the mean openMosix-cluster load.
(here in action on my about 75% loaded cluster)

purpose of this project

- fun ;) (the main purpose)
- to have a "geeky eye-catcher" on my desk
- to learn more about mircro-processor programming
(using brickOS)


- build the openMosix-loadmeter with your Mindstorm Kit from the screenshots
(all required parts are included in the regular 1.5 package)
- download + install (perl script to control the RCX)
- download + install openMosixview (at least the openMosix-collector)
on one of your openMosix cluster-nodes. The openMosix-loadmeter perl script
reads the cluster-logfile (/tmp/openmosixcollector/cluster) and sends
control-commands to the motor of the loadmeter device.
- download the openMosix-loadmeter perl-script
- start the openMosix-collector on the cluster-node (using the init script or the openMosixview GUI)
- connect your IR-sender to the first serial port of the cluster-node
- power on your "brick" and place it near the IR-sender
- upload the RCX firmware
e.g. using nqc : # nqc -d -firmware firm0309.lgo
You will find the firmware file "firm0309.lgo" by searching on the windoze CD included in the 1.5 kit.
- start/execute the openMosix-loadmeter perl script
- see the loadmeter displaying the mean load of your openMosix cluster.



download the openMosix loadmeter perl script


NQC (not quite C)





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