a tiny, bubbling, multi-purpose system monitor

easy to connect to any datasource

by Matt Rechenburg


What is this ?

What is this ?

The bubbleload monitor is a tiny, nice and multi-purpose system-monitoring application
connectable to any data-source in an easy way.
(it is just a quick hack built from the Libbubblemon gtk-example application)

The main purpose for writing this (expect the wonderfull bubbling water action)
was to be able to quickly "attach" it to any other data-source e.g. /proc-interface,
databases, network-services+daemons or any other log-files.

To archive this the bubbleload application is kept quite simple. It just
read 2 parameters (integer values) from a datafile (configureable by commandline args)
and displays the water-level and bubbling according those 2 values.
(take care, there is no error checking in the bubbleload source ;) feel free to add them)

The bubbleload binary is then "wrapped" into a script which updates the bubbleload datafile.
The wrapper-scripts is gathering and preparing the values from the datasource
of your choice into 2 integer values (fitting to the bubbleload-scaling), update
them in the bubbleload datafile sequentially and the bubbleload monitor displays
those 2 values as water-level and count-of-bubbles.
In this way the bubbleload monitor can be used for many other purposes
(without changing the sources and recompiling the binary)
by just writing a small new wrapper script "around it"

Included in bubbleload are 2 openMosix related wrapper scripts, one for
the head-node and one for compute-nodes in your openMosix cluster.
(bubbleload-om-head-node and bubbleload-om-compute-node)

.... as usual just another small idea which i would like to share with you


- download + install Libbubblemon (http://www.nongnu.org/libbubblemon/)
- download bubbleload.tgz
- tar -xzvf bubbleload.tgz
- make
- run ./bubbleload-om-head-node

-> wrapper script for bubbleload
display load as water-level
and process-count as bubbles

-> wrapper script for bubbleload
display load as water-level
and remote (guest) processes
as bubbles

.... more to come ;)
Those wrapper script just filling/updating the bubbleload-data file
(with some calculation to fit bubbleload scaling)
You can easily connect your own data-sources to the bubbleload monitor
by writting your own wrapper scripts to update the bubbleload-data file.

If you have a written a usefull wrapper script for the bubbleload monitor
feel free to send it to me and i will add it to download section
.... as one first idea a wrapper script usgin the gomd interface
would be great ;)


Download bubbleload here :

Download the required libbubblemon from :
Thanks to the authors of the wonderfull libbubblemon. I like it !


All code and applicatons here are without guarantee.
Use this software at your own risk and feel free to contribute your own ideas.
The Author of this software is not responsible for any mistakes and their consequences
while using this software on your system.

Matt Rechenburg (mosixview@t-online.de)